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Greetings, we are Daniel Golding and Joseph Montague III, both proud Native Americans respectively from the Quechan and Salish/Kootenai/Quechan tribes, and the producers on this long overdue feature documentary, “Forgotten Warriors, A Decade of Dominance”.  When the players from the 1977 undefeated San Pasqual Warriors football team approached us to do a documentary about their story, we jumped at the opportunity.  We felt their inspiring, heroic, and championship story needed to be shared with the world. We also wanted to shed light on the importance of sports programs in shaping the young impressionable minds of our youth with the many life lessons of winning, losing, and working together as a team. But, most significantly, we wanted to focus the remarkable achievements of an often overlooked community and honor these mighty Native American sports heroes who only sought to prove to themselves that no matter the talent, size, well-equipped, or speed of their opponents, nothing would stand in their way towards achieving their own greatness.  Additionally, through our efforts and this documentary our goal is to help give back and support Native American sports programs in Native communities. 

Today, we are ready to take this project into full production.  Your contribution will help bring this long overdue story to life.  Together, we can all be a part of a collective effort to inspire the world, break the stereotypical view of the proud true original Americans, and finally honor the Forgotten Warrior champions.

We are excited that you want to help get this project off the ground and into production.  Your contribution will greatly help us film and capture all the interviews from past players, coaches, sports experts, and historians.  Your donation will provide us much-needed funds to cover expenses in our efforts to secure historical footage and conduct accurate research.  Your help will pay for production personnel, equipment rental, production travel, insurance, legal, post-production services, lighting, craft services, music, and all related creative and professional services to complete our project.  All funds raised will go directly to the production of this documentary.

Interviewing Lionel Montague who played for the 1977 undefeated State Championship team.

Interviewing Lionel Montague who played for the 1977 undefeated State Championship team.

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