Anthony "Pino" Espino

Anthony ‘Pino’ Espino was a quarterback dilemma, to say the least, and yet he represented San Pasqual football players in the absolute best way; he did what was necessary to win!  Because ‘Pino’ literally could not hit a wall 10 ft in front of him with a pass, we asked him to practice all summer in front of a mirror with his ball fakes.  Pino was also sent to quarterback camp in Santa Barbara to learn the mental aspects of quarterbacking a team full of stars.  A final critical piece was the wide stance under center he took, hands out of the way, allowing the ball to be snapped directly to Linnie Montague on passing plays.  This allowed for a great passing game, tremendous faking to running backs and a great platform for quarterback sneaks, while creating extreme confusion for opposing defenses.  Thank you Pino for the cooperation you displayed to make everyone around you better. 

Daniel GoldingComment