In the spirit of great sports films like McFarland USA, Friday Night Lights, and Remember

the Titans is an untold inspirational story right in our backyards. Forgotten Warriors, A

Decade of Dominance has the potential of being just as impactful, bringing to audiences

this David vs. Goliath-like story. It is of the once forgotten story of one small school within

a reservation winning on the field while impacting the community and the players lives. A

school with only 120 students in one of the poorest counties in California dominated

football winning an unprecedented 5 AIAA State Championships over 10 years! The

team battled social community hurdles in their homes and distrust between ethnicities in

the school system. Their inspiring, heroic, and championship story needs to be shared

with the world.


The documentary film, combined with the campaign to build positive self-esteem, has

the potential to raise awareness across the country about health issues in Native

America and provide exposure to sportsmanship’s lessons. Equally important is our

desire to shed light on the importance of sports programs in shaping the young

impressionable minds of our youth with the many life lessons of winning, losing, and

working together as a team

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