Between 1971 and 1981 a small rural high school, San Pasqual Valley High, won an impressive 5 AIAA Football State Championships.  This school with less then a 120 students, located within a Native American Reservation dominated football.  They are the only know school from a reservation to ever win a state championship in football and they did it 5 times.  Here is a community blended with Native Americans, migrant farmer workers, and farmers in one California’s poorest counties coming together to over look there differences and win.  It is a true David vs. Goliath story of epic proportions and now we are making a film about these “Forgotten Warriors” and there against all odds historic run at football dominance. 


The San Pasqual Warriors built a football dynasty that was feared by teams in California and Arizona.  We hope by sharing their story through a documentary film will not only increase awareness of these teams historic dominance, but inspire Native youth today.  Today the football program is nothing like then.  There’s not any reference to these winning teams at the high school or in the community.  It’s all a distant memory and as players from those winning teams are dying, their story is dying too.  In a spirited effort, the remaining “Forgotten Warriors” have come together to try and revive that winning spirit in the community by share their story.  To spread the word that through hard work and discipline you can achieve anything.





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